Handcut Surreal Collage art...
Made from Vintage Magazines, Books, and Other Ephemera
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Busy Fleas is...
Allison Salenetri

Based out of Lambertville New Jersey, Allison Salenetri is a self-learned mixed media artist specializing in her own unique style of paper collage. Every collage is a one of a kind sumptuous feast for the eyes. Each meticulously hand-cut piece of a final collage, from the tiniest scrap to large background bits, is sourced from mostly vintage  books, magazines, and ephemera, almost always found secondhand at flea markets or garage sales. Upon completion, the art is professionally mounted in its own unique antique frame,  resulting in a whimsical and harmoniously bizarre composition.

Throughout Allison’s life, one thing remains constant: expressing her passion in a bold way. Whether it's having played internationally-ranked roller derby or as a makeup artist on the runways of New York Fashion Week. In recent years, Allison has delved into herself, as well as into her art as a way to boldly reflect on her life and the world at large, past and present.

While most of her pieces represent feelings of chaos, resilience, failure, hope, disillusionment and/or rebirth, others are simply unintended, yet inimitable reflections of Allison herself: full of emotion while also delighting in goofy and incongruous juxtaposition.

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HEy!  Guess What!

BusyFleasDotCom Has a Brand New Nav Menu!

You're probably thinking that a new nav menu on a website is not a big deal. But this Nav Menu is, in fact, a deal of epic proportions. The reason that BusyFleas.com has a menu now is because:

Yes. That's right. You can now buy all sorts of sweet products featuring the art of Allison Salenetri. Prints, Tote Bags, Mugs, and more being added all the time.


For a limited time: Celebrate our GRAND OPENING with 15% off EVERYTHING IN THE STORE! Just use the code: ISNTITGRAND when you go to check out. That discount is active for all purchases from now until I remember to turn it off. That may be this Saturday, or it may in the middle of the night three weeks from now, so get your orders in soon. You're basically making a bet on my ability to remember to do simple tasks and that's a toss up on any day.

Now, get shopping and worship in fellowship with us at the altar of our merciless Lord: Capitalismo the Emotionless.

You can use our fancy new nav menu to visit the store page...

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